i hate my life

At first I had a great life Intel my mom had to write her job because she had carpol tunnel in both hand so we had no Money and then this use where every thing got bad I got . Off the buds and found my mom’s friend there to pick me and my brother up we got . In the car and she told us that there was a family problem so when we got home my mom was crying and she told us to sit down so we did and she told us the news that my dad had Ben taken by child safety cops and we couldn’t see him for 30 days and he might go to prison because someone told the cops that he was hurting us witch he didn’t my family has Ben crying non stop because some stupid person telling a big fat lie our family was torn apart in one day thanks to one person I want my DAD BACK!!!!

my life sucks

well lets just say that im a fucking retard that needs to be taken out back and shot

Really my life sucks – Getting called ugly at school.

I go to school get picked on mostly called ugly and can’t aford nothing I just got out of the hotel I lived in with my family and life is just hard my dad just got out of jail and he is nerve wreaking and mother clue less i hate my life oh and I just found out the girl I like may like Someone else and now I’m trying to become more distant but its hard :-(

nothing ever goes right

last weekend i thought i was going to spend a weekend at an expensive hotel in boston all expenses paid by my sister . when i texted her that i was on my way she texted back oh its not this weekend its 10/13. this weekend i was looking forward to going away for the weekend with my husband then we discover at 4am our daughter is not home she was involved in a hit and run the car is totaled we still owe 3k on the car fortunately my daughter was not injured what will go wrong next

I really loathe humans.

Until about 7th grade my life was fine. Then my Mom got Ovarian Cancer, My Sister Left, and I’ve gotten fat due to intensely low metabolism. My Mother turned into a bitter woman with no hair and died about a year ago. My Sister turned into a cheap, nose-ringed whore who gave up her smarts to pursue hair-styling. My Dad, who hates being around me, now goes on more dates in a week than I’ve been on in my life, my only real girlfriend (2.5 Months) only wanted a boyfriend so she could brag to her friends. My other two girlfriends (Less than a day) just used me to make other guys jealous. I’m 16, still a virgin, never even kissed a girl, and have 1 friend. My Grandpa has Alzheimers and is forgetting all memories of me and my family. Now I’m going to an advanced program that’s really hard so that I can get a college degree early so that I can go live the rest of my life alone and die knowing that everything I love has gradually turned to shit over the span of my life. I just want to die and leave this godforsaken world behind me. No life is better than this living hell that I live in. I have every class with my old girlfriend who only talks about her new boyfriend. I’m not mad at myself because I would’ve laid down my life for her, I’m mad at myself because I still would.


Even thought i have not suffer the things people in an undeveailureloped countries are suffering,even thought i have a home, a job a car and a Family that loves me i feel deep down inside that i’m a failure.I know i have potential to do good things..have good ideas but by the i think an ready. all hell break loose…

can not fine love

I have been divorce for now 14 year, it difficult to fine love again. I meet someone december of 2012 we went out on two date and he said he would call but did not and was really starting to like him.

Why god?

my one girlfriend was engaged and didn’t even say she would break up with me or even SAY she was engaged! my friends all moved to California, the only ones in my family that are married aremy brother and sister, and my mom died of lung disease. i am definitely sticking my head in the oven…

life is good; for nothing.

Self employed, spent six years getting a business going with a partner, he worked his job and got paid, I worked on the business for no pay to get it going. After it got up and running, I fell and hurt my back there and can no longer work, for the past two, trying for disability (you stand a better chance of getting to see the second coming of Christ), he kindly offered to take over the business for nothing to save me from being signed on the loans and I can go away. Mean while I’m out a ton of money, can no longer work, do the things I used to do and enjoy time with my wife and children. A long jump on a short rope is starting to look good now.

Screw everything.

I have Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, depression, anxiety. I self harm, and I’ve been hospitalized because of it. The hospital was so bad that I cried every night and the nurses made fun of me. I tried to kill myself twice there, but I failed. I starved because the food was horrible, and they didn’t care if I ate or not. It was traumatizing, and I keep having nightmares about it.
I only have two friends, and they only talk to me when no one else will. I was bullied so much in school that I had to quit school.
Because of my Aspergers I can’t wear certain clothes, and my mom yells at me when I can’t wear certain clothes. I’m bisexual, and my mom is homophobic so I can’t come out, and I’m forced to pretend I like guys, when I actually prefer girls. (I like both, but I prefer girls. I’m still questioning and I might be a lesbian, or a bisexual lesbian.)
I used to have one other friend, but I don’t talk to her anymore because I’m too scared of using the phone that I cry every time I try to call her.
Every day is so boring and I cry every night. I have a phobia of gaining weight even though I’m thin so I don’t eat a lot, and my therapist thinks its an eating disorder. My family is too poor to afford a lot of therapy for me.
I’m really ugly, I have a big nose and ugly thighs. I have two moles on my neck and I hate them. I can’t kill myself no matter how hard I try. I’m in love with my online friend who I secretly talk to.
I just want to die. I get sick a lot and I have a bladder infection. When I get my period, it’s always so heavy I can’t leave the house. My parents hate me.
I’m so lonely.